Visa Refusals

Immigrant Visa Interview Instructions (PDF 63 KB)

In some situations the Consular Officer does not have sufficient information needed to process your application to conclusion, or you may be missing some supporting documentation. The Consular Officer will inform you if information or documents are missing and how to provide it. If you have questions regarding which documents are required, please contact us.

Some applications may require additional administrative processing after the interview before the application can be processed to conclusion. The Consular Officer will inform you if additional administrative processing is necessary.

Based on U.S. law, not everyone who applies is qualified or eligible for a visa to come to the United States. Under U.S. law, many factors could make an applicant ineligible to receive a visa. See Ineligibilities for U.S. Visas. In some instances, the law might allow you to apply for a waiver or the ineligibility. If you are able to apply for such a waiver, the consular will advise you on the steps to take.

Do not initiate DNA testing unless it was recommended by the Embassy for your pending application. A DNA test done independently and not according to Department of State procedures will not be accepted.

If a Consular Officer suggests DNA testing as a means of substantiating a claimed family relationship, he or she will give the applicant a letter of instruction about the DNA testing process. More information about the DNA Relationship Testing procedures can be found on the Department of State website.

The Department of State has determined that DNA testing, when conducted under conditions established by the Department, is a reliable way to substantiate or refute a claimed family relationship. Standard Department instructions require that we advise you of the following:

  • Testing is absolutely voluntary;
  • The costs of testing and related expenses (such as doctor’s fees and the cost of transmitting testing materials and blood samples) must be borne exclusively by the petitioner and/or beneficiary and must be paid in advance; and
  • Submitting to testing in no way guarantees the subsequent issuance of an immigrant visa.
  • The petitioner may choose to use any DNA laboratory that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and conducts buccal swab testing. A list of AABB-accredited testing labs can be found on their website.

Currently, only United Parcel Service (UPS) provides international courier services to Burma. Please note that if the petitioner supplies a pre-paid FedEx envelope, we will be unable to use this envelope as there is no FedEx office in Rangoon.