How To Apply

Step One

Applicants who are being sent to the United States on official government or international organization business require a “Diplomatic Note” or “Note Verbale” from the sending organization or, in the case of Myanmar officials, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For officials of other countries who will be assigned to foreign missions in the United States, this diplomatic note should also originate from their government’s foreign ministry and not from an embassy.

This diplomatic note should include the following information concerning the principal applicant:

  1. Name and date of birth
  2. Position and title
  3. Place of assignment or visit
  4. Purpose of travel
  5. Brief description of duties
  6. Travel date
  7. Anticipated length of stay or tour of duty in the United States, and

The names, relationships, and dates of birth of any dependents and other members of household who will be accompanying or joining the principal applicant.

Step Two

Applicants who believe they may meet the qualifications for a diplomatic or official visa should complete the DS-160 Electronic Non-Immigrant Visa Application form based on the diplomatic or official visa category for which they believe they will qualify, and print out the Confirmation page and Additional Form which is also on the website. They should submit the Confirmation page, Additional Questionnaire, their diplomatic or official passport, one photo, and a Diplomatic Note or Note Verbale from the Foreign Ministry or International Organization to the Diplomatic Window during the times specified above. Applicants DO NOT need to pay the MRV application fee unless so instructed by a consular officer.

REMARK: To avoid any unnecessary delay, please ensure that the photo submitted with the application meets the requirements. Please follow the photo guidelines found at the Photo Requirements Page.

Applications should be delivered to the Embassy a minimum of two weeks prior to departure.  A consular officer will review the application and determine whether the applicant qualifies for a diplomatic visa.

If the applicant qualifies for a diplomatic or official visa, the Embassy will waive the fingerprinting requirement and the visa application fee. The Embassy processes the visa, which will be ready for pick-up at the diplomatic window on the following Monday or Wednesday between 3:00 – 3:30 PM (except Embassy Holidays).

Policy for Personal Electronic Device Access to Embassy

Consular section visa applicants are not permitted to bring personal electronic devices (PEDs) or liquids onto the Embassy compound.

PEDs include computers, laptops, radios, cell phones, smart phones, MP3 players, iPads and other tablet devices, handheld gaming devices, smart watches, and wearable electronic fitness devices.

Water fountains are available in the consular section waiting room.

If the applicant does not qualify for a diplomatic or official visa, the Embassy will return the application to the applicant. The applicant will be directed to fill out a DS-160 application in the correct visa class, then book a visa appointment through the online appointment booking system and follow through the interview procedure.

A3 and G5 visa applicants (Personal/Domestic employees of representatives of foreign governments) must first be registered with Department of State’s Office of Foreign Mission Management System (TOMIS) before applying for a visa.

For details of TOMIS registration, please contact And please follow our website for the forms and interview procedure.