U.S. Invites Local Solutions to Address the Drug Epidemic in Kachin State

November 15, 2019

U.S. invites local solutions to address the drug epidemic in Kachin state


Myitkyina – U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar Scot Marciel opened a workshop in Myitkyina for local organizations working in Kachin state to reduce drug dependency through treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention activities.

“Drug dependency is an issue that we face in the United States, so we come to this with some humility and experience,” Ambassador Marciel said at the workshop.  “We know that many communities in Kachin State and across Myanmar are also facing a drug epidemic, and we are looking for ways to support your communities,” he added. 

More than 80 representatives from Kachin State-based organizations attended the workshop for potential applicants.  They asked questions about the call for applications released by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) on November 15, 2019.

Ambassador Marciel said “The U.S. Government is helping local communities to address the drug epidemic issue in Kachin. The Local Works project is one way that the United States supports building stronger and healthier communities in Myanmar.”

Local Works is a USAID global program with a focus on building the capacity of local organizations to develop and implement innovative solutions to development challenges.  In Myanmar, the Local Works objectives include promoting successful drug rehabilitation through improved access to support services and vocational training.  A second objective is to promote behaviors that make it less likely for people to start using drugs.  A third objective is to promote access to health services for all drug users without discrimination. 

USAID’s $6 million Local Works project will award grants to local organizations to address the impacts of the drug epidemic in Kachin state, a key driver of the high rate of HIV infections in the state and country.  This is a five-year effort.

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