U.S. Embassy to Improve Visa Applicant Experience, Close Drop-box

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Effective November 5, 2018 the consular drop-box at the U.S. Embassy will close, and visa applicants will no longer need to drop off application materials in advance of their appointments. As of November 5, applicants can present all documents on the day of the scheduled interview. This is part of our efforts to improve customer service to all people in Myanmar.

Applicants still require an appointment for U.S. citizen services and all non-immigrant and immigrant visa applications. Applicants should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled interview time. With few exceptions, visa applicants will only need to come to the U.S. Embassy twice: once for the visa interview and once to pick up your issued visa.

We urge all visa applicants to apply for a visa without the help of a broker. Don’t fall victim to fraudsters. A full explanation of this change and our visa application procedures is available on our web site at https://mm.usembassy.gov/visas/.


[Burmese Translation]