New Group of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers Coming to Myanmar

Peace Corps Volunteer in a classroom

For Immediate Release

March 15, 2017

This week marks an exciting moment of transition in the United States’ partnership with the Myanmar people, as the first group of American Peace Corps Volunteers English teachers in Myanmar completes their service and the second group of Volunteers arrives.

On Tuesday, March 14, the first group of six Peace Corps Volunteers who were assigned to Yangon Region concluded their volunteer service.  The Volunteers were assigned to basic education middle and high schools and provided teacher training and conversation classes to 115 teachers.  These Volunteers co-taught an average of 15 classes per week with 25 Myanmar English teacher counterparts, taught English to 2,100 students, and taught extracurricular activities to an additional 400 students.

On Saturday, March 18, Peace Corps continues its commitment of service to Myanmar with the arrival of the second group of Volunteers to serve in an English education project in Myanmar.  The 16 Peace Corps Volunteers will undergo ten weeks of pre-service training concentrating on Myanmar language and culture, teaching skills, and health and safety training prior to commencing their service.  The Volunteers will work side by side with Myanmar teachers of English in basic education middle and high schools in Yangon and Bago Regions.

Peace Corps Volunteers partner with Myanmar people to strengthen local capacity, facilitate cultural exchanges, and build friendships that last a lifetime.  Peace Corps collaborates with the Ministry of Education to support their goals and priorities of upgrading education standards, improving the capacities of teachers, and providing quality English language instruction to students.  Peace Corps uses participatory approaches to help teachers, parents, and community members build English skills and access greater opportunities to academic and professional growth.

On November 11, 2014, President Obama announced during his visit to Myanmar the signing of a bilateral agreement between the United States and The Union of the Republic of Myanmar, making Myanmar the 141st country to host a Peace Corps program.  Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps by executive order on March 1, 1961, more than 225,000 Americans have served in 141 host countries.  Today, more than 7,000 volunteers are working with local communities in 61 host countries in agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health and youth in development.


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