English Classes (Temporarily Closed)

The Jefferson Center Mandalay English Language Program registers students in the weeks prior to each term. There are five terms per year, each seven weeks in length. New students must register and take an English skills placement test.  To learn when to register for the next term, follow us on Facebook, or look for our brochure at Jefferson Center Mandalay.

Core Classes:  Core classes meet Monday-Friday, 2 hours per day, 5 days per week for 7 weeks. The class schedule varies each term.

Classes range from English Level I (Elementary) through English Level VIII (Upper Intermediate I).

Elective Courses:  Elective courses are specifically designed to improve English for academic and professional purposes through content-based instruction. Offerings vary each term.

Course Duration: The term session is 7 weeks.

Attendance Requirements: Class time is a valuable part of student learning at Jefferson Center Mandalay and we therefore require attendance for all classes.

Follow us on Facebook or stop by Jefferson Center Mandalay for the current schedule.