General Descriptors

  • Can communicate with some confidence on familiar routine and non-routine matters related to his/her interests and work or school.
  • Can exchange, check and confirm information, deal with less routine situations, and express thoughts on more cultural topics.

Specific Area Descriptors

  • Grammar: Communicates with reasonable accuracy in familiar contexts, generally good control though with noticeable mother tongue influence. Errors occur, but it is clear what he/she is trying to express.
  • Vocabulary: Has a sufficient vocabulary to describe unpredictable events, explain the main points in an idea or problem with reasonable precision, and express thoughts on abstract topics.
  • Pronunciation: Pronunciation is mostly intelligible even if a foreign accent is clearly evident. Mispronunciations occur regularly and clarification is needed sometimes. Though still influenced by the native language, sentence level stress, rhythm, and intonation are becoming more standard.
  • Spoken fluency: Can express him/herself with relative ease. Despite some problems with formulation resulting in pauses and hesitation, he/she is able to keep going effectively without help.
  • Listening: Can understand straightforward factual information about common everyday or school related topics, identifying both general messages and specific details, provided speech is clearly articulated in a generally familiar accent. With audiocassette material, the student can understand the information content of a majority of recorded material on topics of personal interest delivered in clear standard speech.
  • Reading: Can haltingly read straightforward factual texts on subjects related to his/her field and interest with a satisfactory level of comprehension.
  • Writing: Can write straightforward connected texts on a range of familiar subjects within his/her field of interest, by linking a series of shorter discrete elements into a linear sequence.