Reporting Requirements

As part of the Administration’s easing of sanctions, OFAC authorized new investment in Burma by U.S. persons by issuing General License No. 17. Any U.S. person engaging in new investment in Burma pursuant to this general license must comply with the conditions of the license, including a requirement to report to the Department of State as set forth in the Department of State’s Reporting Requirements on Responsible Investment in Burma. Any U.S. person who invests $5,000,000 or more in Burma, or invests in Burma’s oil & gas sector, is required to complete the reporting requirements.

The Department of State uses the information collected as a basis to conduct informed consultations with U.S. businesses to encourage and assist them to develop robust policies and procedures to address a range of impacts resulting from their investments and operations in Burma. We also intend the public report to empower civil society to take an active role in monitoring investment in Burma and to work with companies to promote investments that will enhance broad-based development and reinforce political and economic reform.

The following reports were submitted pursuant to the Responsible Investment Reporting Requirements required by OFAC General License 17 authorizing new investment in Burma.