Assistant Secretary Daniel Russel Spotlights Education, Diversity, and Environmental Issues with Burmese Youth

Assistant Secretary Russel:to the United States, to see what we are doing, to learn alongside of us and to make your own judgments about what you want to bring back. Sometimes, you bring back ideas about how you can do exactly what your American friends and counterparts are doing. Sometimes, you come back ideas where you are deciding to do the opposite of what we do in the United States. That’s okay. And one of the reasons that this support for you as the driver is important to us is because United States itself is a multi-cultural country. We have people from many ethnic backgrounds, of people with many different geographic loyalties, and people with many different religious faiths. That’s one of the things that makes the United States and Myanmar similar. We also frankly want Myanmar to be successful. We want you to be successful in protecting your environment because we share this world. Read More