Ambassador Scot Marciel’s Farewell Message

Ambassador Scot Marciel’s Farewell Message


Mingalabar. I’m Scot Marciel, U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar. 

After more than four years here, I am finishing my assignment in Myanmar and will be returning home to the United States.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, but will miss my many friends here, and so much about your country. 

I wanted to take a few minutes now to say farewell to all of you, and to offer a few parting thoughts. 

Before I arrived here, friends who had lived in Myanmar told me that, once I spent some time in this country, it would forever stay in my mind and my heart.  I know now that is true. Like so many Americans, I have been struck by the extraordinary effort and sacrifice so many here have made to build a better future.  Like the United States, you are engaged in a decades-long struggle to build a more perfect union out of a remarkably diverse society.  In the past decade, you have begun to build the foundations of democracy and made important strides in improving your economy and integrating into the world.   

Yes, challenges remain.  But what I want to focus on today is the reason that I have a lot of hope for your country:  the people.   

I’ve been privileged to travel to all parts of Myanmar over the past four years, and my lasting memory will be of all the extraordinary people I have met who are working so hard, and sacrificing so much, to make things better.  Working to bring people together rather than divide.  Working to end conflict and build peace.  Working to build a stronger economy, a better healthcare system, and better education.  Working to strengthen democracy and ensure everyone enjoys their freedom and rights. 

Some are members of civil society.  Some are journalists.  Some are in business.  Some are in government.  Some are students.  And some describe themselves as just ordinary people.  It is all these people who can and I believe will help Myanmar become a more perfect union. 

As you continue this work, the American people and American government will be here with you.  Our role, as a friend, is to do all we can to support all the people and organizations in this country who are working so hard to build this more perfect union, while also working to build the friendship and partnership between our countries and our people.  We might sometimes speak out when we see things that are against our fundamental values, and we accept that doing so isn’t always popular.  But it is genuine.  It is sincere.  And it reflects our commitment and friendship to all of the people here and to the enduring values of democracy, freedom, and justice.   

Ambassadors like me will come and go, but the United States’ commitment to a free and democratic Myanmar will remain.  We are here as long-term partners and friends. 

Thank you for your friendship and partnership.  I wish Myanmar and all of you the very best. 

Djezu dimba day.